Bringing your body back to balance



What is Energy Kinesiology? 

Energy Kinesiology is a natural and holistic approach to restoring and maintaining excellent health. It is based on the knowledge of bioelectrical circuits or pathways in the body along which vital energy flows; referred to in Chinese medicine as meridians.

Obstructions to the natural flow of energy along these meridians —whether by trauma, injury, habits, lifestyle, stresses, etc., — manifest themselves as physical and emotional symptoms. If left untreated, these symptoms can lead to dis-ease. Energy Kinesiology restores the natural flow of energy allowing the body to move toward healing.

Read the FAQ to learn more, or feel free to contact Saci directly with any questions.


How is Energy Kinesiology applied in practice?

Saci, a trained energy kinesiologist, taps into the innate intelligence and wisdom of the body through manual muscle testing; a simple and highly effective biofeedback technique that builds a language between the body and the kinesiologist. Muscle testing identifies the locations of trapped or blocked energy in the body.

Once blockages are identified, Saci chooses from a variety of non- invasive techniques to remove the blocks and bring the body back to balance. Increased energy, enhanced performance, and an ease of physical and emotional pain, are common after the energy is free flowing in the body. Put simply, it helps you feel better.


How can working with Saci help me?

Working with Saci will allow you, perhaps for the first time, to access the innate wisdom contained within your own body. Imbalances will be identified whether they are in the physical, biochemical, environmental, emotional, or energetic realms. This information will be used to restore most any imbalance and prompt the body to move towards self healing.

Saci works with those suffering acute or lingering symptoms from injuries such as, back/neck/shoulder pain, grief, addiction or chronic conditions such as digestive disturbances, sleep  and emotional issues, etc. She integrates her massage, pilates and homeopathy expertise to compliment the Energy Kinesiology work. Contact Saci to discuss your unique symptoms, and take a look at the services she offers.

"Everything is energy, and that's all there is to it."

-- Albert Einstein