"Your body is all wise and knows exactly what it needs and wants."

Photo by Laura Reoch  september-days.com

Photo by Laura Reoch september-days.com

Training and Professional Practices

Energy Kinesiology. . .  Saci has studied Energy Kinesiology (EK) since 1996; earning her certificate from The Kinesiology Institute under the leadership of John Maguire. She has been teaching EK domestically and abroad since 2012 and is currently on the faculty of the Kinesiology Institute. Each July she also teaches at the Vegetarian Educational Institute in the beautiful Sierra Nevada mountains at Pinecrest Lake. She has been fortunate to have studied with two masters in the EK field, Dr. Sheldon Deal and Carla Hannaford, PhD. Saci has accumulated thousands of hours of experience working with clients in her private practice, the offices of chiropractors and the post-event therapy tents for athletic events.

Breathwork . . . Saci undertook a 4 year apprentice in Breathwork starting in 1990 with Maia Dhyan. (Maia studied with worldwide Breathwork founders Leonard Orr and Sondra Ray.) Saci began leading Breathwork groups in 1991 and has done so ever since across the US and in the UK.

Massage . . .  Saci began her career in the healing arts as a massage therapist earning her license in Florida in 1989 from Educating Hands, a highly regarded school in Miami. She has been practicing massage since then and augmented her initial schooling with speciality trainings in Infant massage, which she introduced for the first time to Scotland in 1991. She also studied Paul St. John neuromuscular therapy technique.

Pilates . . . Saci completed the Body Kinetics Pilates Teacher Training Program under Carol Appel in 2005, while also becoming  PMA certified. Pilates continues to play an important role in her private practice and she attends Pilates conferences to stay up-to-date on the latest innovations.

EFT . . . Saci completed EFT Training Levels 1 and 2 in 2013 under the tutelage of Zoe Walton and Lynn Robinson. She often uses EFT techniques in her EK sessions.

Homeopathy . . . After 4 intense years, Saci graduated from the Institute of Classical Homoeopathy (San Francisco, California) in 2011. She regularly employs homeopathic principles in her EK sessions.

Bach Flower . . . Saci completed The Bach Foundation Distance Learning Program in 2007.

Bringing It All Together . . . This deep and varied body of study, that includes the physical, emotional, chemical, and spiritual aspects of being human, allows Saci to weave and blend any one or a combination of these modalities into her EK sessions. Her sole intent is to address and solve her clients unique and specific issues. The work is profound and can be life changing.

Personal . . . Although a native of Scotland, Saci prefers the climate of Marin County, California and feels very lucky to call it home. She and her husband enjoy the bountiful hiking, biking and kayaking found on their doorstep.

Professional Associations:

Massage Association of America- Pilates Method Alliance

Kinesiology Association- Toastmasters International


“It’s all about balance. Balancing exercise, food, and life. No excesses.”

― Helen M. Ryan