I first came to know Saci as a massage therapist fifteen years ago. She did wonderful work back then. She was very intuitive in her approach, seeming to know where I was holding tension or pain. She was also very direct in her communication which I appreciated. I always left her studio felling at peace and wonderful. I still see her for massage and recommend her to anyone!

Recently, I’ve been working with Saci with Kinesiology. I find her approach quite fascinating and amazing. She’s helped me so much to link my body with my spirit and my head. I trust her implicitly and feel that I can hand over whatever is going on in my life and my body. I know that she will do her very best to help sort it out and send me on my way feeling much better.

Saci has mastery of her subjects. From massage to Pilates, athleticism to vitamins, full anatomy, and emotional/physical/spiritual effects of life on the body; Saci has so much to offer in the realm of healing. I feel safe and home when I work with her.
— Janet, San Anselmo
I came to Saci with a very clear problem: my arthritic trigger thumb, which had an audible and painful click. I had already sought out help from the doctor - their only solution was surgery. A month before my scheduled surgery I came to see Saci. Through the muscle testing she was able to find several key issues (some emotional) that I was surprised about. After the first visit my thumb already felt much better. We did 2 more balances and my thumb was perfect— all my pain was gone! I canceled the surgery. I am so grateful.
— Jill, Sausalito