Frequently Asked Questions about Energy Kinesiology

What can it help you with?

Every aspect of our life either improves or inhibits our energy flow. We feel our best physically, mentally and emotionally when this energy flows freely. 

Energy Kinesiology can restore most any imbalance in the body by evenly distributing the energy that had previously shown itself as 'symptoms' like digestive disturbances, sleep problems, addictions, headaches, insomnia, low self esteem, skin problems, physical pain after an accident, the list goes on...

Contact Saci to discuss your unique symptoms.

What does it NOT do?

Energy Kinesiology does NOT diagnose, fix or cure diseases.


What is a balance?

A session with an Energy Kinesiologist is also known as a balance.

The whole body, mind and spirit is being acknowledged and ‘questioned’ during a balance to uncover what it needs in order to return itself to a harmonious state. Saci becomes the listener through the language of muscle testing.

To begin with, an assessment will be made to ascertain the exact needs for the individual.

Once this has been defined, various techniques will be offered to the body. The transformation may happen through physical or postural changes, dietary changes, psychological changes, environmental changes, or energetic changes. Often a combination of techniques is needed. Ultimately, the body is triggered to begin its own natural healing response, bringing itself back to balance.

What is a home program?

Saci believes it is important to participate in the healing process. You will be asked to perform some simple techniques at home. The home program will be tailored to your specific needs and designed to enhance and/or maintain the new level of balance achieved in your session.


How many balances will I need?

Energy Kinesiology is not a quick fix, it is a continuous process that applies to all areas of your life. Saci often suggests that new clients dedicate about three sessions to clear out primary issues. Here are your options. Future balances can be likened to oil changes to keep you 'running smoothly'.

What is the cost? 

Contact Saci for pricing and to schedule your one on one appointment. Payment is received in cash, check or venmo at the time of service.

How can I learn more?

Feel free to contact Saci to schedule a complimentary 30 minute phone consultation.

The Energy Kinesiology Awareness Council is a great resource for a deep dive into Energy Kinesiology.  

“When you know better you do better.”  

-- Maya Angelou

Here’s What’s Been Said

I so appreciated seeing you after my traumatic evacuation from the Wildfire. When I arrived for the session, I felt shut down in places, exhausted and anxious. Using a range of expert skills, including muscle testing, verbal dialogue/inquiry with me. I really appreciate how confidently you took charge of the session, and how respectful and compassionate you were in receiving where I was at in the process, moment to moment.
By the end of the session, the change in me was dramatic: Frozen places in my body were opened up and I felt revitalized. I was able to reconnect with source/ spiritual resources for myself in a way which inspired, strengthened and delighted me greatly!

I noticed during the week following the session, my renewed positive outlook was sustained. Others also commented on my new “light” and availability for connection. The results were more than I would have hoped for in such a short 90 minute time. Thank-you, Saci!
— Sheridan K Hailley, CA
I was really ready to do deep work and I had been looking for someone like Saci for years. I’m so grateful to have found her, in just 4 sessions my life has been changed forever. Saci is so clear, confident, sensitive, caring, aware, conscious in her work..she is extraordinary. I feel like I am now in alignment with great things happening in my life. I have had this pain in my hands for years, I tried everything and nothing worked and remarkably with Saci’s work it’s gone.
— Sabine Lamoureux, Mill Valley, CA