Breathwork- what is it?

Breathwork - also known as Rebirthing, Vivation, Soulful Breathwork and Clarity Breathwork - is a conscious, continuous connected pattern of breathing. 

Breathwork uses the same natural pattern we breathe when we laugh and cry whole heartedly, and it has been around since time eternal. 

Our bodies have been quietly cataloguing ALL our life experiences.

Traumas — whether physical or emotional — create blockages and 'stuck' energy within the tissues, cells, muscles and psyche. The blocks may manifest themselves in all types of symptoms and disease.


This deliberate pattern of breathing allows the breath — chi, prana, life force — to course through the body, find these blockages, and clear energetic pathways. This allows energy to flow unobstructed and the body to heal.


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 What to Expect

The connected conscious pattern of breath when unobstructed, magically connects us to our non-ordinary, natural-state-of-being; creating immense peace, harmony, tranquility and even bliss; allowing us to be fully alive, present, and open hearted. 

Each session builds on the previous. Layers of traumas and blockages are cleared every time you lie down and surrender to the conscious continuous connected breath.

 The Good News

No human can claim the invention of the breath, this pure, natural resource is gifted us by a greater intelligence than the human!

With the breath, comes life; without it, comes death. It is through the breath that healing happens and we discover our Divine selves.

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Breathwork- How we do it?

Lie on a yoga mat on the floor, with a pillow for support under the head and knees. (optional)

Blanket covering the body.

Blindfold over the eyes (optional) to keep distractions and daylight out.

Breathe the conscious continuous connected breathing pattern, which has a natural cycle of about an hour.  

We provide a safe and nurturing environment allowing the participants to fully relax into their experience. 

It's that simple!

Ready to get started:          Breathwork Circles                          Draw Breath Retreats

Suggestion: Rest the digestion for at least 2 hours before the Breathwork.



“You get there by realizing you are already there”  

-- Eckhart Tolle

Here’s what’s been said…

That was amazing! The energy during the session was electric in my body and the healing process was very intense. I had quite a mystical experience continuously throughout... Deeply grateful for the opportunity.”
- Kristin Gopinath, Dubai UAE

”What a powerful experience only to be enhanced by your masterful guidance. Your warmth, confidence and expertise created the perfect “space” which provided safe and positive energy.
— Sunni- San Rafael, CA
The breathwork session was very relaxing. The lasting effects were cut short by a contentious HomeOwners meeting that evening. But I was more patience there. LOL.
— Kathie Fortie, CA
It was a magical experience, I still feel strong connection to my roots. I am so thankful for your guidance. 
— Maho Osano- Alameda, CA