Meet some happy clients

Saci works with integrity, skill and compassion. She truly believes in personal transformation. It was a gift into my life. Working with Saci’s instruction and support brought me the transformation I was seeking. As my body became stronger, more balanced and healed, my mind and spirit became the same. The year after I started with Saci, I won a short version triathalon in my age group! I had lost 15 pounds and completed one of my dreams. I whole-heartedly recommend Saci.
— Nancy, Sausalito
Saci has a remarkable intuitive sense which she has put to beneficial use for me over the years to remove stress, anxiety and fears from my body and mind. Her energy kinesiology practice moved me to a place of calm and confidence when I needed to move on from a 10-year job. Her body work has taken the world off my back and the knots out of my shoulders after I’ve routinely stored my angst and dilemmas there. Her muscle testing has cleared the way for my self healing of old wounds of the soul. I keep going back for Saci’s great gifts. She is an extraordinary healer!
— Kim, San Rafael
Thank you so much for an amazing session and this follow up homework! Your work is brilliant and profound and I am feeling really strong and shifted in a deep way! I have done a LOT of work with pretty gifted practitioners and what you offer is hard to put into words but has produced profound benefits in my say the least, I am ecstatic with the results and wanted you to know that! Thank you!!
— Elizabeth, Greenbrae
Saci is very focused, compassionate and creative in her approach to healing. She has helped me with a variety of issues from a stiff neck to digestive issues, and I always feel balanced and renewed after a session with her.
— Kate, Oakland
Saci joined Nancy in her triathlon

Saci joined Nancy in her triathlon

When the hot flushes started in the daytime I realized I was moving into my menopause. I then accepted that I’d been having night sweats for several months not due to the hot summer but because of my hormones. These sweats woke me several times at night so I was not getting my usual 8 hours sleep...meaning I was not fresh at the start of the day. Saci muscle tested me to see what I needed to reduce the flushes. Much to my amazement and delight, within a week of the session and taking the supplements the tests suggested the sweats did not reduce, they disappeared completely. Thanks Saci, now I have no more need of my fan!
— Karen, Scotland
Mirabai on her 100th birthday. She is still enjoying her weekly sessions with saci

Mirabai on her 100th birthday. She is still enjoying her weekly sessions with saci

Saci is a learned, insightful, clear, and compassionate hands-on practitioner with many years of experience, who lives what she teaches. Over many years as one of her clients, I have admired (and benefitted from) the breadth and intricacies of Saci’s knowledge and abilities, her gentle patience, warmth, and humor, and her firm commitment to the approaches she has studied and teaches. I am a fortune and enthusiastic fan of Saci and her work, and I heartily recommend her individual and group work to anyone.
— Christina, Mill Valley
I have had back pain for much of my adult life. I also have a wide range of experience with many types of bodywork; rolfing, alexander technique, chiropractic, acupuncture etc.
However, I have never had quite such a transformative experience as I did with Saci’s work, I do not pretend to understand all the muscle testing techniques but Saci is able to peel back layers that were otherwise unavailable to me without her extraordinary skill, intuition, and gifts, Saci is a treasure.
— Rollin, Nicasio
I am 98 years old. Earlier this year, I was gathering tax receipts and paper work to order to give my accountant. I looked high and low for all my medical bills. I couldn’t find them anywhere! I then remembered that I had not been to the doctor in 18 months. I attribute this to my weekly sessions with you!
— Mirabai, San Rafael
Saci’s unique energy kinesiology techniques have relieved me of symptoms of chronic pain and stiffness that several chiropractic visits failed to touch. I leave a session with Saci feeling not just better, but healed!
— Audrey, Fairfax
I have never experienced such a profound therapy session before. The technique she used and the way she delivered it was both powerful and gentle, and I felt reassured and calm. I realized afterwards that I had been holding my breath for months, and holding onto pain in my body. As a result, my body felt lighter and freer. But most especially, my mind was at peace. I asked her to move to London!
— Emma, London
I had the privilege of seeing Saci for a private session, and it changed my life. During the session Saci immediately discovered and focused on the areas in my body and in my emotions that have been blocking me and causing me tremendous anxiety and stress, for decades. She provided me with techniques that I have been using to great success, and I am just now starting to understand what life can be like when I’m free of anxiety. I will be seeing her again and I recommend her to anyone.
— James, San Rafael
I am so very grateful to you for the amazing, life changing session we shared on Thursday. Your depth of wisdom and level of understanding of your chosen practice is grounded in an understanding as to where and how to use the tools that are most effective. I am in such a different place than I was when I arrived. I am much lighter and happier. The home program you provided is also incredibly helpful and supportive.
With Love and Gratitude! 
— Dana, Sausalito

"Health is a state of complete harmony of the body, mind and spirit. When one is free from physical disabilities and mental distractions, the gates of the soul open.” 

-- B.K.S. Iyengar